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AS counselling is capable to perform following :

We can provide talking therapy that can help us to manage our problems by changing the way we think and perceive. We provide pure confidentiality that keep secrets of all Impromptu. We provide techniques for self grooming and personal development. We also provide help to build relationship with others. It is helpful in workplace dealings. We can help the persons to increase their motivational level by using techniques of NLP. We can conduct workshop for teachers to acquaint them with sub-modalities so that they can teach the students accordingly.

We can use different techniques of CBT to change the perception of a person to treat issues like PTSD, OCD, mild depression, anxiety, stress and adjustment issues. We can use NLP methods swishing and resource anchoring with students to improve confidence, self esteem and better understanding of solution of problems. We can use relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, visualization and meditation in counselling session. Visualization can help the students to achieve the goal, strategy making and positive mind set. We can use T.A.T, H.T.P test to approach the unconscious mind of a person. We can help the students to understand their negative pattern of thoughts and realize them to alter these patterns and feel betterment in their behavior and academic activities. We can enable the students to enhance the level of confidence by counselling them having low self confidence level and low self-esteem

  • Counselling and Therapy Sessions
  • Self Assessment Tests
  • Educational Consultancy
  • Motivational Workshops
  • Free WhatsApp Consultancy

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Educational Consultancy

AS Counselling provides Educational Consultancy for Students and Children
Help-out Slow Learner
Help slow learners with personalized plans, remedial education, emotional support, and technology. Regular progress monitoring ensures effective interventions for academic improvement.
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Likes & Dislikes
Help individuals explore and understand their likes and dislikes, addressing any impact on well-being or relationships. This may involve self-exploration, clarifying values and behavioral modification.
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Exam Phobia
Treat exam phobias with strategies like cognitive-behavioral techniques, stress management, and gradual exposure, fostering improved performance and reduced anxiety.
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We apply the principles of psychology to understand and address various aspects of human behavior, emotions, and mental processes.

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